Conquer Series Blog

The Conquer Series Blog has many great articles relating to the fight to set men free from pornography.  It is worth your while to check them out on a weekly…

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Control Versus Change

In our struggle with habitual sin we make the mistake of equating control with change.  We think, “If I could just get this sin under control then everything would be…

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A Peter's Pondering: Stigma!? I like words....all words....that word stigma is not used vary often any more as far as I can tell but it is a good word to…

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A Peter's Pondering: A threshold? 5 Mar '19Over the years I have often considered, pondered on, cogitated over 3 important,hope, and love and how they inter-relate.I was stuck on…

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Stick with the herd

Here is a link to a YouTube video sent to me by a friend that is a perfect example of why we need to stick together.  We must learn to…

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