Where Does a Leader Fit?

February 21, 2019

Where Does a Leader Fit?

What is important to know before you try to take the leadership of a Conquer Series small group?  What kind of a leader are you supposed to be?

Probably the most important thing a group leader must recognize is that the Holy Spirit must lead the group.  If He is not in charge, then nothing much will happen that will benefit the men in your group.  Mere men to not have the ability to set free those who are in bondage to sexual sin.

Ministry to men in sexual bondage requires proper positioning of the man who is facilitating the small group.  Picture it like this…being in sexual bondage and sin is like living at the bottom of a septic tank; very low and very nasty.  The Holy Spirit is the hand reaching down to pull you out.  The group leader’s place is in the bottom of the septic tank with those who are desperate to get free.  These brothers of yours need someone down there with them upon whose shoulders they can climb.  Can you help your brothers keep their heads above water and can you help to push them up towards God’s hand which is reaching down to pull them out?  Your place is not to be looking down from above.  That place is already taken and belongs to Jesus.  Your arm is too short and too weak to save.  Jesus’ arm is not.

Your greatest gift as a leader is your empathy and compassion for your brothers who are struggling.  They don’t need a lecture or a teaching from you.  They need a brother down there with them where they are to help, pray, and encourage.

So, if Jesus has lifted you out of the filth and mire of sexual sin, don’t ever think you are better than your brothers who are still there.  Be willing to climb back down into the septic tank and lend your brothers a helping hand

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