Reflections…a poem by Jon C

Who is that in the mirror I see? 
is that person really me? 
A person so sinful he doesn’t care. 
A person so stressed, he’s got nothing to spare, 

A person so weak, he doesn’t fight 
A person so dark, there’s little light. 
A person so torn, he cannot love, 
A person so down, he can’t rise above. 

A person who’s hiding behind a mask 
A person who can’t tell who he is when we ask 
This is the sad reality many face 
But there’s a God to give us grace. 

Through God’s image we will be, 
no longer ourselves, but a reflection of He. 
He’ll forgive our sin with a little prayer. 
He’ll calm our nerves with love and care. 

He’ll fight your battles, day and night. 
He’ll fix your problems, till they’re made right. 
He’ll bandage your heart, tight like a glove. 
He’ll make you into someone you’re proud of. 

He will give you an identity and a task. 
He’ll reveal the person behind the mask. 
This life we live is simply a race, 
To get to experience God’s embrace.

___ Jon C

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