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Junk in the trunk

Since I got saved back in 1976, I have never really considered myself a very spiritual man, but, as we grow in the Lord we figure out how He likes to speak to us.  He speaks to me in dreams, typically at 3am and so when I get them, I pay close attention.

In one such dream, God reminded me first that it was He who orchestrated the purchase of the BMW convertible that I now drive.  I wouldn’t have/couldn’t have bought it on my own.  But in the dream, I stood and looked at the car, noticing that the back end of the car was dragging the ground while the front end was up in the air.  This car has a smallish body  but does have a six cylinder 333HP naturally aspirated engine, and is designed to go fast (don’t tell my insurance company);  but with all of the, “junk in the trunk,” it wasn’t going anywhere, at least not fast.  I thought that I needed a look see, so I popped the trunk lid (which by the way was difficult to lift)  to see what might be in there causing the car to drag as badly as it was.  When I looked, I found so much old stuff in there that I even forgot I owned, but all of it, and it’s weight, was slowing me down!  I found an old hydraulic jack, a wheel with sprocket from a motorcycle build, several brick pavers from an old project , miscelaneous tools, parts for the car, a case of oil, paint cans for home projects, an older computer tower, and several workbooks for the ministry.  Lots of stuff..not much of it related… but all of it slowing the performance of the car, which is built to fly.

God showed me that this is how we get bogged down in our lives, typically with sin issues from the past, and can’t do what we were designed to do.  Using the “Conquer Series” as a tool, we are helping men to recognize their  “junk in their trunk”, and like peeling an onion, we are recognize and throw off the sin issues that easily beset us, and grow into the men of God that He wants us to become.  Pastor Ted Roberts, founder of Pure Desire Ministries, reports that it takes about 3 months to stop the acting out that goes with porn, but roughly 2 to 5 years to totally walk away from the addiction.   As many times as I have heard this, I’ve almost scoffed at the thought; 2 to 5 years…seriously?.  As I now see it…men are so complex, and typically knuckleheads, that it does take some of us that long to deal with all of the “junk in the trunk”.  We’ve dragged so much of our pasts into the present that it weighs us down and we can’t perform as we should.

Up to this point in the ministry, I’ve had an awesome testimony of how I walked out my freedom from porn, with just the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  But I had no tool beyond that to help guys see the junk and to help them get rid of it.  The deck lid on the BMW has two shocks to assist in lifting the lid, but recently they both blew out, had to be thrown away, and new ones installed.  The deck lid is near impossible to lift without the help of those shocks! I saw that the work of this ministry was like lifting the deck with no shocks.  Now with those new shocks (The Conquer Series), our leaders are helping men to see and more easily address the sin areas in their lives and are enabling them to walk in freedom from porn, as they get the “junk out of the trunk”

If you or a loved one is dealing with this so very secret sin, please work up the courage to talk to your pastor, then find a Conquer Series group that you can join and be accountable to.  The beauty of community is that we can share our thoughts, advise and encourage each other as to how we found victory.  As men, this is what we need, to sort through the mix of things that we need to deal with to come clean from pornography.

God bless you all, thank you for reading, be awesome, and have a great life in your neighborhood!

In His Grip, Bill :})

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