In The Gym With Jesus

Participating in a group, in a regular, constant, weekly Conquer Series group meeting is like a regular visit to a spiritual gymnasium. In doing so, we develop spiritual strength and muscles. This preparation is essential so, when the enemy attacks and we find ourselves in the midst of a battle, we are prepared. If we have waited until we are in the heat of the battle to prepare ourselves for it; We are already defeated since our focus is on preparation rather than than fighting the enemy.

Working out in a group, rather than on our own, has a number of advantages, among which are:

  • Helps us to set realistic goals based on true values

  • Helps to keep us focused on our ultimate goal

  • Encourages us not to give up or to become weary of doing the right thing

  • Gives us an objective way to gauge our progress

  • Keeps us accountable to do the full workout and to be honest with ourselves

  • Our, “spiritual workout” partners can see weaknesses we may be blind to

  • We help others as they see our growth and we, in love and in turn, can speak truth into their lives

  • Help and encourage each other to get back up and to continue, when we take a fall or become discouraged, keeping in mind that we are in God’s Gym and Jesus is the ultimate gym master.

We must follow the Lord’s recovery workout program, learn how to properly use our spiritual weapons and armor, and employ his strategy and tactics as He also empowers us to fight the battle. (Philippians 2:13)

The downside to our failing to continue to work out spiritually (attending meetings, study, participating in the accountability process) is to begin losing ground we have gained, becoming weak and vulnerable to attack, and ineffective in resisting temptations.

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