Words of encouragement

In The Gym With Jesus

Participating in a group, in a regular, constant, weekly Conquer Series group meeting is like a regular visit to a spiritual gymnasium. In doing so, we develop spiritual strength and…

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Control Versus Change

In our struggle with habitual sin we make the mistake of equating control with change.  We think, “If I could just get this sin under control then everything would be…

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Stick with the herd

Here is a link to a YouTube video sent to me by a friend that is a perfect example of why we need to stick together.  We must learn to…

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Reflections…a poem by Jon C

Reflections Who is that in the mirror I see? is that person really me? A person so sinful he doesn't care. A person so stressed, he's got nothing to spare,  A person so weak,…

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Don’t Be Discouraged

February 20, 2019 A Word of Encouragement If you are addicted to pornography,  then you understand what it is to live life at the bottom of the cesspool.  My struggle…

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