In His Grip Ministries is all about helping men get free from their addiction to pornography.  Did you know that up to 70% of men and 30% of women in evangelical churches today struggle with this problem?  Did you know that viewing pornography causes changes to the brain exactly like those that result from drug addiction?

 Most men have found lasting freedom through establishing accountable relationships with other men.  This sin, which has terrible consequences, must be brought out into the light where its power over the person addicted is broken.  Healing best takes place in community with other men where there are no more secrets and where there is ongoing accountability.

At In His Grip Ministries one of the best tools we have found in helping men start to find freedom is an online video/small group program called The Conquer Series.  It is available at  We currently assist a number of these groups operating in South Alabama and Northwest Florida.  The majority of men who are involved in these groups are being set free from pornography and are staying free if they remain in accountable relationships with other men. Some broken marriages are being restored as this addiction is defeated.  Men are rising up to become good husbands and leaders in their homes.

Are you looking for something you can do to help men who are trying to find freedom?

  • Become a prayer partner with us.  The Holy Spirit is the active power in this ministry.
  • Provide financial support for In His Grip Ministries.  Donate through Globe International’s online giving.  Be sure to specify “Bill Tollis Legacy Fund.”
  • Sponsor men who want to find freedom but, due to financial constraints, need help with the expense for the books and also the Internet Accountability software subscription.  Conquer Series books are $50/man and One year of an Internet Accountability service can run from $72 to $144/man.
  • Please see our contact information below

Our Team

Chris Miller

Ministry Leader

Contact Chris at


Volunteer conquer series /seven pillars of freedom group leaders and a growing number of men who are now walking in freedom and sexual purity

Sonja Brown

Women’s Resource

(937) 416-1663

Sonja is available to speak with women by telephone

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