Our Mission

Helping Men Find Lasting Freedom From the Addiction to Pornography

Are you a sex addict?  Have you struggled for years and cannot break free? 

Not sure?  Take the SAST (sexual addiction screening test) and find out.

There is real hope for you and for every man who desires to walk in sexual purity.

You be free from porn

Watch the WHBR television interview with Bill Tollis, founder of In His Grip Ministries

Bill Tollis is available to meet with pastors and mens group leaders to lay the groundwork for the ministry to their men

“Well, I’m not a Christian and I put more weight on what science has to say.”  Is there anywhere I can go to get a, “Second Opinion?”

FightTheNewDrug.org is a secular organization not affiliated with In His Grip Ministries.  Click the link to find out what science has to say about pornography.

Want to financially support In His Grip Ministries?  Go to Globe International and launch the giving portal.  From the drop down list  in the Gift Information section choose In His Grip.

In this ministry to men who are stuck in the jaws of the heinous addiction to porn, I have chased after every form of education including, Celebrate Recovery, Sexaholics anonymous, Spiritual Twelve steps even Alcoholics anonymous, and even books about psychology, attempting to learn, to get better at what I now busy training leaders to do. In the process, I have made weekly calls to Kingdomworks Studios, the producers of the Conquer Series, which is the program that we use in the ministry to help equip the men to break free from the addiction. I am in close conversation with Luke Gibbons, a fellow General in the war. He has requested that I attend a specialized training for leaders to be held this July in Colorado Springs, Co.
What really excites me is that I’ll receive accreditation with Men’s Group leadership Training level one by the American association for Sex Addiction Therapy, which will give me additional credibility, giving me more access to more churches, more pastors, more men.
This is an appeal for financial help to get me there, at a cost of $1500.00 If this were a business, and you were “investing”, you would expect a profit on your investment. Please know that your financial blessing IS your investment in the lives, marriages and legacies for so many men and their families. Thank you in advance.
In His Grip, Bill :})

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